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  • Where do you distribute Monster products?
    We do not sell direct to hobby stores, we only sell direct to our distributors in the US and to international customers in Europe and South America. If you would like to stock Monster products in your store, please contact one of our distributors. A list of our distributors can be found on our Where to Buy Page.
  • Do you sell directly to consumers?
    We sell all of our products on our website, on Amazon and through our distributors. A list of our distributors can be found on our Where to Buy Page.
  • How can I be notified about new products?
    Join the Monster Mailing list, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.
  • Do these binders come with pages included, and if so can they be added/removed?"
    All of our Monster binders come with pages sewn for added protection and durability so they can not be added or removed.
  • How many cards does do Monster Binders hold?
    At Monster, we make a wide range of binders for every type of collection! Below is are the number of cards each binder holds: 4-Pocket has 40 pages that hold 160 cards total (sleeved or unsleeved) 9-Pocket holds has 20 pages that hold 360 cards total (sleeved or unsleeved) Mega Monster XL has 40 that holds 720 cards total (sleeved or unsleeved)
  • Can this be used to hold football, soccer, baseball trading cards?"
    Yes, all of our Monster Binders are perfect for safely storing football, soccer, baseball, and other sports memorabilia cards, as long as they are the traditional 2 1/2” x 3 1/2” (63.5 x 88 MM).
  • Are Monster Binders safe for my cards?
    Absolutely! Not only are our binders made with side loading pocket pages to prevent theft and fall-out, as well as, cushioned double-sided pages for added protection for durability, our binders are acid free!
  • Is the lid secure? How’s it work?
    Our Monster Deck Boxes fasten with a strong magnetic closure that is securely attached to the inside of the box and the inside of the lid. Double and Triple Deck Boxes closes with one magnet. Hydra 5 Compartment Deck Box closes with two magnets.
  • How many cards does the deck box hold? How many cards fit in each section?
    Monster has the perfect deck box for every type of game play. Each section of our deck box can hold up to 150 unsleeved cards or 75-80 sleeved cards. The double deck box holds approximately 300 unsleeved cards, the triple deck box holds approximately 450 unsleeved cards, and the Hydra deck box holds approximately 750 unsleeved cards.
  • I double sleeve my decks. Will your deck boxes work for me?
    Yes! Double sleeved cards will fit in Monster Deck Boxes but will not fit the same number of cards in each section as unsleeved or single sleeved cards.
  • Can you buy replacement caps for the playmat tubes?
    At this time, we do not sell replacement caps for our playmat tubes, but if this is something you think we should consider, please let us know here.
  • Will the playmat tube fit my playmat?
    Our Prism Playmat Tubes fit standard 24” x 14” playmats. When rolled, mats that have a diameter of 2 inches or less will fit in this tube.
  • Will a playmat tube fit 2 playmats rolled together?
    Each our our Prism Playmat Tubes can hold one standard size playmat. If you are looking to store two playmats, check out our new Dual Playmat Tube
  • Are Monster Sleeves safe for my cards?
    Monster Sleeves are made to protect your cards! Our sleeves are made from high caliber Polypropylene and are PVC and Acid free.
  • Why should I sleeve my cards?
    Whether you are a casual player or tournament-bound, it’s important to keep your cards safe and protect them from damage. Monster sleeves are tournament legal, high quality, PVC and acid free and proven to protect your valuable cards. You spent the money on them, so make sure to protect them!
  • How do you shuffle with sleeves?
    Similarly to how you would shuffle cards without sleeves, it is important to stay away from riffle or bridge shuffling. Monster sleeves protect your cards from damage but rough or careless shuffling can damage your sleeves, which would make them undesirable for use in tournaments.
  • Are Monster Sleeves tournament legal?
    Yes, Monster sleeves are tournament legal, but be sure to check official tournament rules to ensure there are not specific regulations for that event. In most major tournaments, sleeves must be non-marked or broken for game play.
  • Do you need sleeves to play in a tournament?
    While you do not technically need sleeves to play in tournaments, most players choose to use them to ensure that your deck remains uniform and that no single card can be spotted from the deck. This is especially important for double-sided cards or cards with different back designs.
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